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Having spent a majority of my career working as a therapist, I can honestly say I know a thing or two about stress and how it manifests itself in our bodies.

Very quickly, the rapid pace of life and its demands and challenges can overwhelm us, leaving us feeling burnt out, fatigued and that we have very little left in our tank for anything or anyone.

Finding our equilibrium again is key

Bringing ourselves back to centre, to a place where we are actually able to feel joy once again. If grief has been a part of this journey it can often take longer (but we will cover this in another post). It is an intricate process to navigate, however, we must first start by literally catching our breath, then relearn how to breathe properly again…. There are some beautiful and gentle ways to do this.

Firstly, if you would like to learn how to reconnect and focus upon your breath work and reoxygenate your body, set your alarm to awaken 42 minutes before sunrise. If you are able to wrap up warmly and sit outside at this time do so. If not, open your bedroom window and stay snuggled up under the duvet. Light your beautiful Muskoka Lifestyle candle as part of your wellbeing ritual (if you are able to safely, and if there is no breeze outdoors - otherwise set it going on the table for when you have finished your morning breath work.)

At 42 minutes before sunrise the trees emit rich oxygen into the atmosphere as part of their photosynthesis process. This rich oxygen concentration is what wakes the birds and causes them to start singing first thing at dawn. It is the best time of the day for us to intentionally breathe, filling our lungs with rich oxygen, which is what they need to cleanse and strengthen. 10-20 minutes of deep inhalations and exhalations each day at this time will make you feel incredible. Oxygen-rich blood gives us vital energy to live and for our body to perform all its continuous miracles. It also helps to melt away anxiety, fatigue and stress.

Alternatively, if you are not a morning person and find the thought of waking up early too daunting, you can do the same ritual in the quiet of the evening with your candle flickering away nearby. Our beautiful candles promote an instant feeling of wellbeing and calm and we love to think they will be lit in your home as you relax in the evening, Nurturing Mind, Body & Spirit. Feel the love as they burn. They have been lovingly created for you and carefully crafted. Enjoy the beautiful scents that fill your home and create lasting memories with family, friends and loved ones. Later in the year our fabulous LED range will be arriving. These gorgeous products magically transform your home into an ambient and enchanting space - they change the energy of your home and make it a more joy-filled and relaxing environment to be in.

May the year of 2022 be dedicated to enriching our wellbeing and happiness within.

Anna x

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