Muskoka Lifestyle founder Anna Robinson with her family

Muskoka Lifestyle was founded by internationally qualified, multi-award winning body & wellbeing therapist Anna Robinson.

After spending a large quantity of her twenties in Canada, Anna’s love for the Muskoka Lakeland area in Northern Ontario became embedded in her heart, later leading her to develop inspired candle and fragrance lines, home ambience products and merchandise, all designed to Nurture Mind, Body and Spirit.

Initially starting out as a passion project and a sideline to her therapy clinic, Muskoka Lifestyle has morphed into a full scale international business. 

Anna resides in New Zealand with her gorgeous family and beloved red setter & golden retrievers.

No matter if you have journeyed to Muskoka and fallen in love with it there too, or you are from another part of the globe and just want to feel nurtured from the comfort of your own home, it is my hope that I can deliver a quality product that really touches the heart of the recipient and brings much joy. 

Anna x

(read more about the inspiration to Muskoka Lifestyle here)  


“ Muskoka - A wilderness breeze floats over misty lakes, rustling the leaves of the Cedars, Maples and Firs... Rocky granite outcrops surround the lake edge, waves lap against them and late summer wildflowers gently scent the air, softening the freshness of the forest.

In the evenings the smokey scent of bonfire and marshmallows fills the air. The laughter of family & friends rings out into the night and the warmth of foods and family traditions embrace the season. If we are lucky the aurora of the Northern Lights will dance with the stars above us.

An awakening happens deep within. I can breathe into the very depths of who I am, all stress leaves me.

Here, my mind, body & spirit are lovingly nurtured by nature and the Great Spirit.

I am home. ”

- Anna Robinson, Muskoka, Canada 1996